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Save time and resources in the hiring process by tapping into our network of thousands of professionals and start-up operators in Africa

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30+ start-ups and corporates on the continent have worked with us including:

Access the largest talent referrals network on the continent

Get early & exclusive access to the next generation of industry-leading companies in Africa as soon as they start fundraising.

Pan Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt and more
‘000s of Start-up operators: M-Kopa; Paystack; Andela; Apollo Agriculture; Wasoko, Flutterwave, TeamApt, Deel, Uber, Binance
‘000s Corporate professionals: McKinsey; BCG; Microsoft; Google
Technical talent: software engineers; UI/UX designers; product managers

Why us?

Quality candidates in Africa

Referrals are a great source of talent…imagine a community of '000s of founders, CXOs, and senior operators in Africa that you can access for trusted talent referrals!

Success-based, with no retention, no-exclusivity

We back ourselves to find you the right candidate, so why charge a retention fee and why ask for exclusivity? Pay only when you hire with Pariti

Vetting support

Whether you are a small team or a larger corporation, our process reduces the effort required to source quality candidates - we are highly selective (10-20% are shared with companies), and our referral network is incentivised to make quality referrals ($1000 per successful hire)

No time wasted

We don’t send you candidates for the sake of hitting a number… for us, it is all about sending quality candidates fast - 60-70% of candidates we share with companies get interviewed, and we share candidates within 5 days

How it works


Supersize your referrals network.
Candidate referrals shared from our Pariti network and community


Pariti vetting of candidates.
We will further vet candidates to make sure they meet the brief


You interview and hire.
Take forward a shortlist of candidates and pay only if you hire Pariti candidates.

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