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30+ start-ups and corporates on the continent have worked with us including:

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Pan Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt and more
‘000s of Start-up operators: M-Kopa; Paystack; Andela; Apollo Agriculture; Wasoko, Flutterwave, TeamApt, Deel, Uber, Binance
‘000s Corporate professionals: McKinsey; BCG; Microsoft; Google
Technical talent: software engineers; UI/UX designers; product managers

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Quality candidates in Africa

We are highly selective (10-20% are shared with companies), and our referral network is incentivised to make quality referrals ($1000 per successful hire)

Success-based, with no retention, no-exclusivity

We back ourselves to find you the right candidate, so why charge a retention fee and why ask for exclusivity? Pay only when you hire with Pariti

Vetted candidates only

we are highly selective (10-20% are shared with companies), and our referral network is incentivised to make quality referrals ($1000 per successful hire)

No time wasted

We don’t send you candidates for the sake of hitting a number. For us, it is all about sending quality candidates fast - 60-70% of candidates we share with companies get interviewed, and we share candidates within 5 days.

What companies are saying about us

Whereas some of our other recruiters let us down for quality candidates, Pariti provided us with a healthy pipeline of candidates that we were comfortable taking to interviews, and we ultimately made an offer to one. I would definitely work with them again on our hiring needs!
Head of Growth & Partnerships, Build Kubik
Pariti is different from most recruiters… they are very flexible in how they adapt to my business’ needs, and importantly gave me a continual pipeline of high-quality candidates every week!
Global Recruitment Manager, ex-McKinsey, ex-CrossBoundary
Komaza partnered with Pariti to fill one of our more challenging roles in a rural part of Kenya. It’s a testament to how far-reaching the referral network is!
Meena Sharma
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Komaza
Working with Pariti has been great - the commercials are very competitive, and they share really high-quality candidates with us! Our latest hire through Pariti was done within 3 weeks!
Senior Recruitment Specialist, Sanergy

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