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Got a job thru Pariti
I wasn’t even thinking about new jobs, I just didn’t have the time to explore. But then my friend recommended me for a finance role via the Pariti Network. It was exactly what I was looking for! Pariti guided me through the process, and within a few weeks, I had an amazing offer I couldn’t refuse.



Got a job thru Pariti
Pariti helped me get an amazing new job, which was a great step forward in my career. I wasn’t looking for anything new, but my friend recommended me for an Operations Manager role through the Pariti Network. Within two months I had completed my interviews and found an amazing new opportunity. Without the Pariti Talent Community, I would have never seen this job!


Mercy N

Top Referrer
When I saw a Finance Director role, I just knew it was a perfect fit for my friend Nicholas. Within 30 seconds I had shared his details, and I got the great news last week that he has been hired!


Got a job thru Pariti
Pariti is the only job platform that provides salary transparency from day 1. This was so important because I didn’t need to negotiate my offer. I secured a role with a life-changing salary increase, incredible benefits, and an opportunity to work in a fast-growing start-up.


Got a job thru Pariti
I was looking for a new role urgently when my old company was heading for closure. Luckily a friend in my network was a Pariti Talent Referrer, and referred me to an amazing opportunity. Within 2-3 weeks I received an offer to join one of the most exciting start-ups in Africa. It was exactly what I was looking for! I’m grateful to the Pariti Network for helping me find a new job with an amazing team.


Evelyn Mumbi

Top Referrer
The Pariti community is amazing! I’m so happy when I hear that my friends are able to explore new opportunities as a result of my recommendations. I’m really passionate about helping others find better opportunities in the start-up ecosystem in Africa. An added bonus is that I’m earning money for my connections.

Bilha Mutuli

Top Referrer
I am grateful to have come across the Pariti Referral Network. It is such an amazing resource to recommend my connections , and also help reduce the friction that is so often involved in hiring processes. Best of all, I’m able to make money, just by referring capable people to jobs.

Peter Wamburu

Top Referrer
It’s amazing that I was able to make $1,000 from a simple referral. All that for just sharing a name, email and LinkedIn in the Pariti Referral Network. Pariti even triaged my referral across multiple job opportunities where her experience would be relevant. I’m so happy she found an amazing role, and will definitely be referring more!

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We will not share the profile of your connection or share your name with the hiring company without prior permission

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We carefully select the companies we work with, to make sure that they are serious about hiring and are values-led.


We recognise the value of having a community of professionals like you, so we will do what we can to build and connect you with others.

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