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We've collected salary data for thousands of roles across the continent and have built a tool giving you real-life market data to inform your hiring decisions.

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Some of our key findings

Overall, salaries in East Africa outpace those in West Africa by 35%. Expanding from Nigeria to Kenya? Keep this in mind as it will definitely impact your budget and talent strategy.
Junior roles in East Africa earn 20% more than in West Africa. This early-career pay gap highlights the importance for businesses to understand the regional pay differences when hiring or setting pay scales.
Executive-level engineering roles in West Africa compensate 10% more than those in East Africa, highlighting the very competitive market for senior engineering talent in the region.
East Africa pays top Data roles 25% more than senior Commercial roles, emphasizing technical value. In contrast, West Africa's top Engineering roles earn just 7% more than senior non-technical roles, showing a more balanced demand in skill set.

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