Supercharging Startup Growth: The Pariti Founders Hub - Exclusive Benefits and Offerings

September 8, 2023
Osato Asabor

TL;DR: The Pariti Founders Hub offers curated resources, perks and services tailored to the unique needs of African startups, providing exclusive access to a free or paid investor database, our vendor marketplace for discounts on tools and services, our Talent services for your hiring needs and access to our Africa Salary Benchmarking tool. To access the hub, click here.

Over the years, we have worked to create an enabling environment for African startups to fast-track their growth by putting them in front of investors through our venture deals marketplace; Grove, and helping them source and hire quality talent through our Referrer Network, Pariti Talent. We have seen how this has directly impacted the ecosystem and we are now taking it a step further to provide founders with even more resources they need to scale efficiently.

Startups encounter numerous pain points as they scale, such as connecting to the right investors for their fundraise, managing payroll, finding the right legal support, or accessing essential tools and resources to manage day to day operations. For African startups, these pain points are more evident in some cases as access to the right tools and resources are sometimes too expensive or difficult to attain. The Pariti Founders Hub aims to alleviate these pain points by offering a curated selection of resources, services and perks that cater specifically to the needs of African founders.

Our goal is to create significant value for our community of 1,800+ startups in 40+ countrie sacross Africa, by making it easier for them to access tailored resources, tools and services that address the unique challenges they face at various stages of growth, enabling them to build more efficiently.

We intimately understand the myriad challenges that startups in Africa face, from challenges in hiring to accessing capital, and everything in between. We launched our Founders Hub so that companies in our community can worry less about finding the right service provider or tool, and focus more on building the next generation of great African companies. - Wossen Ayele, Co-founder and COO, Pariti

What To Expect:

  1. Free or Paid Investor Database: We have curated an extensive database of investors who’ve previously invested in the African tech ecosystem. Here founders can browse the database to understand the broad range of investors channeling funding to Africa and target accordingly.
  2. Curated perks and services: We have carefully selected partners who offer services that cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by startups. Our partners offer tools and services that we believe will provide tremendous value to our community, at a fraction of the cost!
  3. Talent Services: Access the largest talent referrals network on the continent for your hiring needs.
  4. Africa Salary Benchmarking Tool: We launched a salary benchmarking tool comprising data from over 60 start-ups (25 direct participants, 36 additional from proprietary Pariti job data), and over 1080+ roles.

A Sneak Peak at Some of Our Vendor Partners

Gain access to a curated selection of growth tools and services for your startup at discounted rates.

How to Access the Pariti Founders Hub

The Founders Hub is available to all new and existing startups in our Pariti Community. To access the hub, click here.

We are confident the Pariti Founders Hub will serve as a valuable resource for our community, helping African founders access essential resources, tools and services for less, as they build and scale their startups.

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