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Raise Leverages Pariti to Hire a Cap Table Operations Lead in 2 Weeks

September 8, 2023
Wossen Ayele

A few months ago, the leadership team at Raise found themselves in a bind.

Raise is known in the African ecosystem as the leading cap table software platform, but they have a much larger vision. “Cap table management software is just the entry point to what we’re building,” said Marvin Coleby, Raise’s CEO. “It’s a wedge that will allow us to build an equities platform that will support African founders from launch to liquidity.”

But Coleby realized that in order to create this end-to-end solution, they first needed to revamp the cap table product so that it could integrate with the future offering. And when Coleby looked around at his team, he saw that they were stretched thin and that he would need to hire someone dedicated to this project.

“We simply didn’t have the capacity to pull this off internally,” Coleby noted. “We needed to hire a specialist urgently to accelerate our platform development and hit our targets.”

He and the leadership team quickly put together a job description for the cap table operations role and posted it widely, receiving hundreds of applicants in a matter of days. But they were hamstrung. “We had recently let go our previous head of people and didn’t have anyone in the organization fully focused on hiring. So once we advertised the job opening, we were overwhelmed with the number of candidates.”

And so, as is the case with most startups, the leadership team picked up the slack, screening and interviewing candidates themselves. “In those first few weeks, we spent so much time as an organization on the hiring process that it actually diverted resources and attention from our other priorities. It was just too expensive for us as an organization,” Coleby said.

That’s where Pariti came in. “We already knew the Pariti team from working in the ecosystem and heard good things about their talent offering. So we decided to give them a shot to try and speed up the process,” Coleby added.

Pariti then placed the job description on their platform enlisting their network of 4,000+ referrers to find and refer qualified candidates to the role. Within the first week, they found the perfect candidate, and Raise made an offer just a week later. The whole process, from sourcing to hiring, took just two weeks.

“By working with Pariti, we short-circuited our typical hiring process,” Coleby shared. “Instead of spending hours interviewing candidates and running case studies to see if they had the right skills, we got pre-vetted candidates and were able to rapidly assess them for culture fit to make a decision.”

“It was lightning fast and let us get back to work quickly. We onboarded her and have been off to the races since,” Coleby added. “We’ve revamped our core solution, launched new offerings like our scenario modeling and valuation benchmarking tools, and are looking forward to launching the wider platform later this year.”

“Looking back, I didn’t realize how critical it was to get this right,” Coleby remarked. “This was a massive hire for us, and being able to close it in just a couple weeks allowed us to get back to work building our vision. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience working with Pariti.”

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