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Navigating the Talent Labyrinth: How Fey Sowunmi Navigates Talent Acquisition with Pariti

November 2, 2023
Osato Asabor

We love getting to know the referrers in our network better, it’s very interesting to see the diversity present in terms of their different backgrounds and how they approach using our platform to connect top talent to hiring companies. This article is a conversation with Fey Sowunmi, an experienced tech recruiter and a member of the Pariti network. She shares her experiences, strategies, and insights into the world of referral recruiting. Her journey within the Pariti network brings to light the nuances of sourcing candidates, the support systems in place, and the distinctive advantages offered by Pariti's transparent communication and rewarding milestones.

Fey Sowunmi is a dynamic professional who seamlessly juggles multiple hats. As a founding team member at Kredete, a Fintech startup based in Lagos, she oversees the People and Customer Experience teams, ensuring alignment between human resources and customer satisfaction. Fey initiated her tech journey at Uber Lagos in its pre-IPO phase in 2016 and has since contributed to four more startups. Beyond her in-house roles, Fey extends her expertise into recruitment at AxL Recruiting, handling both tech and non-tech roles. Her passion for connecting talent to opportunities is reflected in her dedicated efforts, you can learn more about it on her website.

Q: How did you become involved in the Pariti talent network as a referrer, and what motivated you to join the network?

Driven by a desire to expand my client base and enhance my portfolio at AxL Recruiting, I discovered Pariti on LinkedIn. I was drawn to the autonomy it offered in selecting roles and the potential for increased income. My journey with Pariti has been enriching, allowing me to grow both professionally and personally.

Q: Can you share a success story of a candidate you referred to Pariti? How did you find the candidate and what was their response to getting hired?

Though a successful hire still eludes me, I have come close with candidates reaching the interview stage, earning me bonuses and fueling my motivation. Having joined in September, I'm still navigating the landscape but feel optimistic about imminent success.

Q: What qualities or skills do you typically look for when identifying potential candidates to refer to Pariti?

I leverage my expertise in tech recruiting, prioritizing candidates whose technical skills align seamlessly with the requisite tech stack. Additionally, I assess their startup experience and LinkedIn activity.

Q: How do you approach reaching out to potential candidates and convincing them to consider opportunities through Pariti?

Utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, I access and engage passive candidates. My outreach entails personalized messages that highlight the alignment between the role and the candidate's profile, yielding a 70% application rate.

Q: In your experience, what are the key benefits for candidates who join Pariti through a referral compared to other hiring channels?

Candidates appreciate Pariti's transparent and prompt communication during the hiring stages. The ready availability of feedback and clarity in the process are distinct advantages.

Q: Have you ever encountered any challenges or obstacles during the referral process? If so, how did you overcome them?

I've faced a few challenges but have found support and solutions by reaching out to the Pariti team.

Q: How do you stay updated on the job market and industry trends to ensure you're referring candidates who are a good fit for Pariti's opportunities?

My involvement in various HR platforms and job boards, coupled with networking on LinkedIn and participation in initiatives like On Deck fellowship and Techstars, keeps me abreast of industry trends and opportunities.

Q: Can you share any tips or strategies that have helped you make successful referrals within the Pariti talent network?

Embracing rejection has been pivotal. I scrutinize the feedback on unsuccessful referrals and use the insights to refine subsequent recommendations, ensuring a meticulous evaluation of each profile.

Q: What kind of support or resources does Pariti provide to referrers to enhance their referral process and maximize their chances of making successful referrals that have been useful to you?

The supportive community on Slack, milestone bonuses, and time management flexibility offered by Pariti have been invaluable. Consistent feedback has significantly elevated the quality of my referrals.

Q: In your opinion, what sets Pariti apart from other talent networks or recruiting platforms? How does the referral network contribute to this differentiation?

Compared to other platforms across three regions, Pariti stands out for its user-friendly dashboard, real-time tracking, and vibrant community. The proactive support from the team and the referral network further differentiate it.

Q: Can you describe any ways in which being a referrer for Pariti has benefited you personally or professionally?

Personally, my affiliation with Pariti led to substantial growth in my LinkedIn network. Professionally, it catalyzed the establishment of my freelance recruiting business, complete with a website and a LinkedIn company page, bringing unexpected opportunities.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering becoming referrers in the Pariti talent network?

Sourcing can be challenging yet rewarding. Embrace rejections as learning experiences and persistently network. Platforms like LinkedIn, though not a paid endorsement, are invaluable in this profession.