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Navigating the African Startup Landscape: Fahwaz's Journey as a Pariti Talent Referrer

September 8, 2023
Osato Asabor

When we started growing our referrer network, our goal was to empower professionals to leverage their network to help startups find Talent. Now we have over 5,000 professionals referring talent and earning on our platform. What we discovered over time is that these individuals have found their experience with Pariti an opportunity to develop their careers and skills. It feels like getting rewarded to improve as a recruiter.

Today we're sharing the story of Fahwaz, one of the referrers that joined the network in its early days with limited experience and has gone on to become one of our super referrers.

Meet Fahwaz, a Venture Capital scout based in Malaysia. He has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and is now focused on working with start-ups across the globe, with Africa being his personal favorite.

Q: How did you become involved in the Pariti talent network as a referrer, and what motivated you to join the network?

My journey with Pariti began when I was scouting for part-time remote opportunities within startups. While exploring LinkedIn's job page, I stumbled upon a vacancy at Pariti. Intrigued, I applied, and that decision led me on this exciting journey as a Pariti Talent Referrer.

Q: Can you share a success story of a candidate you referred to Pariti? How did you find the candidate and what was their response to getting hired?

One success story that comes to mind is Fredrick, a remarkable marketer I referred and my first hire through Pariti Talent. Now employed with an e-mobility start-up, Fredrick couldn't contain his joy upon receiving the offer. His satisfaction with his current role is a testament to the fulfilling career opportunities available through Pariti.

Q: What qualities or skills do you typically look for when identifying potential candidates to refer to Pariti?

The primary quality I look for in potential candidates is their alignment with the job requirements. Beyond that, their enthusiasm for the role also plays a significant part in my decision to refer them.

Q: How do you approach reaching out to potential candidates and convincing them to consider opportunities through Pariti?

My approach is quite direct. I reach out to potential candidates individually on LinkedIn. Fortunately, many are open to new opportunities, making the process of convincing them to consider using the Pariti Talent Platform relatively effortless.

Q: In your experience, what are the key benefits for candidates who join Pariti through a referral compared to other hiring channels?

Joining Pariti through a referral offers candidates advantages not readily available on other platforms, such as time-saving in job hunting, continuous engagement, and timely job alerts, positioning them at the forefront of new opportunities.

Q: Have you ever encountered any challenges or obstacles during the referral process? If so, how did you overcome them?

Initially, my lack of experience in recruitment presented a challenge in identifying suitable candidates. However, by acknowledging and learning from my mistakes, I've managed to continually improve my skills, resulting in more successful referrals.

Q: How do you stay updated on the job market and industry trends to ensure you're referring candidates who are a good fit for Pariti's opportunities?

To stay updated, I dedicate time to study job descriptions and follow job search trends on LinkedIn. This practice helps me refer candidates who are the best fit for Pariti's unique opportunities.

Q: Can you share any tips or strategies that have helped you make successful referrals within the Pariti talent network?

My guiding principle is constant self-improvement coupled with consistency. There's no substitute for hard work, and its results are evident in successful referrals.

Q: What kind of support or resources does Pariti provide to referrers to enhance their referral process and maximize their chances of making successful referrals that have been useful to you?

Pariti's newsletter is an invaluable resource, keeping me updated on 'what's new' on the job board. This timely information aids my referral process significantly.

Q: In your opinion, what sets Pariti apart from other talent networks or recruiting platforms? How does the referral network contribute to this differentiation?

Pariti stands out because of its commitment to providing top-quality, interview-ready talents. This is made possible by the experienced HR professionals in our referral network, who help source these remarkable talents.

Q: Has being a referrer for Pariti benefited you in any way personally or professionally?

Being a part of the Pariti Talent Referrer Network has broadened my exposure to Africa's startup scene, a landscape previously unfamiliar to me. This professional growth has been very rewarding.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering becoming referrers in the Pariti talent network?

For anyone considering joining Pariti as a Talent Referrer, my advice is to go for it, especially if you have a keen interest in startups. Don't hesitate to reach out; I'm always available to offer guidance.

The referrer's role in our talent network is crucial and deeply valued.
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