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Human Connection in Talent Acquisition: Brian's Approach to Placing Top Talent Through Pariti

September 8, 2023
Osato Asabor

In the world of recruiting and talent acquisition, Pariti’s platform stands as a bridge connecting top talent to startups. For Brian, an enthusiastic referrer in Pariti's network, this connection goes beyond mere professional engagement—it's a passion-driven endeavor. Guided by the goal of helping others find fulfilling opportunities, Brian's insights shed light on what it means to be part of a network that's reshaping the future of work.

Brian is a seasoned recruiter, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a passion for connecting talented individuals with their dream careers, he has successfully navigated the recruitment landscape for more than a decade. His approach is rooted in building strong relationships with both clients and candidates. He strives to provide exceptional service by understanding the unique requirements of each position and effectively communicating with all parties involved. He is adept at leveraging applicant tracking systems, utilizing professional networks, and implementing innovative sourcing strategies to identify the best talent available.

How did you become involved in the Pariti talent network as a referrer, and what motivated you to join the network?

Pariti came along at the perfect time. I was looking to expand my reach to startups, especially in Africa, to help them find top talent. Pariti provided that bridge. My motivation stemmed from a desire to help others find fulfilling job opportunities, an opportunity to strengthen my professional network and build relationships within the industry.

Can you share a success story of a candidate you referred to Pariti?

Certainly! I found the perfect match for a Head of Account Management role Pariti was hiring for through their referral program. The candidate was gracious enough to explore the opportunity even though they were passively looking, and it clicked – they got hired! Their heartfelt response was, “Hi Brian, Thanks for your kind words and the support in walking me through the journey to successful hiring.” This still melts my heart.

What qualities or skills do you look for when identifying potential candidates to refer to Pariti?

When referring candidates to Pariti, I seek specific qualities and skills that align with the organization's non-negotiable requirements. These include relevant experience, specific technical skills, a strong work ethic, growth mindset, cultural fit, and a passion for the industry.

How do you approach potential candidates and convince them to consider opportunities through Pariti?

Building a personal connection is key. I strive to understand their current career goals, gauge their satisfaction with their present engagements, and highlight the value of the opportunities at hand. This approach establishes genuine interest and minimizes the likelihood of ghosting.

In your experience, what are the key benefits for candidates who get hired through a Pariti Talent referral?

Joining Pariti through a referral enhances credibility and trust. Candidates gain personalized insights about the company and the role, helping them make informed decisions and find more satisfying roles.

Have you faced challenges during the referral process? How did you overcome them?

Challenges can include candidates being unresponsive or finding mismatches between skills and requirements. Effective communication, understanding the candidate's needs, and providing relevant information have been crucial in overcoming these hurdles.

How do you stay updated on the job market to ensure you're referring suitable candidates?

I actively network, attend industry conferences and online webinars, join professional communities, and stay connected with industry news. These efforts maintain my understanding of the industry and help me identify the right fits for Pariti's opportunities.

Can you share any strategies that have aided your successful referrals within the Pariti network?

Success stems from establishing trust with potential candidates, building genuine relationships, understanding their aspirations, and communicating the value of the opportunities. Familiarity with the hiring company also plays a vital role.

What support does Pariti provide to referrers like you?

Pariti's unmatched support includes a platform to track referrals, access to opportunities, detailed job descriptions, a resource center, monthly office hour sessions, and regular updates. This extensive support system facilitates success in making hires.

What sets Pariti apart from other talent networks, and how does the referral network contribute?

Pariti's unique focus on startups and its emphasis on growing talented teams resonate with my passion. The referral network enhances this by leveraging personal connections, ensuring a higher quality in the hiring process.

How has being a referrer for Pariti benefited you personally or professionally?

Being a referrer has expanded my professional network and allowed me to develop relationships with industry leaders. Additionally, successful referrals have translated into bonuses and rewards.

What advice would you offer to potential referrers in the Pariti network?

For those considering becoming referrers with Pariti, having a genuine interest in connecting talent with opportunities is crucial. Understanding the company’s mission, culture, and specific qualifications helps in referring suitable candidates. Embrace it; this is the #futureofwork.

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