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Connecting Talent To Dream Jobs: Adesua's Journey As A Pariti Talent Referrer

September 8, 2023
Osato Asabor

Meet Adesua, a seasoned Human Resources Generalist, who boasts a diverse background spanning the Energy, Telecom, IT, and Construction sectors. Her hands-on experience in People’s Management and Talent Acquisition is evident in her ability to connect global talents to their ideal roles in dream organizations. Her multifaceted industry exposure ensures she understands the nuances and needs of each sector, making her a sought-after HR expert.

How did you become a referrer for Pariti's talent network, and what drove your decision?

Inspired by my pre-existing closed community of over 6,000 followers, where I championed career growth and guidance, I found a kindred spirit in Pariti. My joining in October 2022 was a seamless melding of my personal drive with Pariti's professional ethos.

Any success stories with the candidates you've referred to Pariti?

One stands out. I reached out to a potential candidate on LinkedIn for a Customer Success Manager role. Though initially hesitant, I saw potential in her and encouraged her to give it a shot. Today, her journey with Pariti speaks volumes about seizing the right opportunities.

What traits or skills do you emphasize when selecting potential candidates for Pariti?

Individuals with a stint of over three years in their present roles often catch my eye. They're typically at a crossroad, mulling a change. A blend of their openness to new roles and demonstrated excellence in their current capacity becomes my guiding star.

How do you engage potential candidates and introduce them to Pariti's opportunities?

It's about alignment. I make an effort to understand their aspirations, showcasing how Pariti's offerings can be a stepping stone to their ambitions. Highlighting Pariti's transparent feedback system often acts as a compelling catalyst.

From your perspective, how does a referral give candidates an advantage compared to other recruitment avenues?

With referrals, especially through Pariti, candidates step into the process with a clearer lens. They’re informed, have a touchpoint, and benefit from an unparalleled feedback mechanism, navigating the recruitment journey with clarity.

Encountered challenges in the referral process? How did you navigate them?

Indeed. Venturing beyond my home country's boundaries posed challenges initially. However, by broadening my networking lens and moving beyond regional confines, I've turned these challenges into expansive opportunities.

How do you stay attuned to job market shifts and ensure your referrals align with Pariti's needs?

Continuous learning is my mantra. Subscribing to industry-centric newsletters, especially on LinkedIn, keeps me updated. This ensures that my referrals are not only relevant but also timely.

Could you share referral strategies that have proven effective within Pariti's network?

It's all in the details. A profound understanding of job posts and their requirements arms me with the insight needed to connect with the right candidates.

What support mechanisms does Pariti extend to referrers, aiding their process?

Pariti's embrace of open communication, especially through platforms like Slack, makes the referral process seamless. Their dedicated referral tracking dashboard further empowers us, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

What makes Pariti distinct from other recruitment platforms? How does the referral process amplify this uniqueness?

The differentiator is Pariti's intricate blend of a structured referral system and robust communication platforms. This fusion fosters a community-like ecosystem, setting Pariti a class apart.

How has being a Pariti referrer enriched you, both personally and professionally?

Beyond expanding my professional network, it's been a journey of growth, learning, and forging lasting relationships.

Any advice for aspiring referrers in Pariti's network?

Consistency is key. Understand the roles deeply, genuinely connect with candidates, and believe in Pariti's mission. The results, when they come, will be deeply gratifying.

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