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Connecting Talent: Maureen's Successful Journey as a Pariti Talent Referrer

September 8, 2023
Nkechi Oguchi

At Pariti, we're proud of our unique talent network that's driven by referrers connecting high-quality candidates with innovative job opportunities. To provide an insider's perspective on our referral system, we spoke with one of our super referrers about her experiences, strategies, and insights into what sets Pariti apart.

Meet Maureen Muzondo, a powerhouse Business Strategist with over a decade of experience in strategic consultancy and employer branding by profession. An enthusiast for identifying top talent and building lasting relationships with clients, Maureen is dedicated and passionate about connecting people with their dream careers.

Q: How did you become involved in the Pariti talent network as a referrer, and what motivated you to join the network?

I was motivated to join Pariti, because l wanted to have a meaningful impact on someone's career advancement and professional development. I have also built a strong network of industry professionals and l want to connect them with relevant job opportunities.

Q: Can you share a success story of a candidate you referred to Pariti? How did you find the candidate and what was their response to getting hired?

I referred a highly qualified candidate who I had worked with In the past, to an account manager role through the Pariti referral program. The candidate was thrilled to receive the referral and was excited for the opportunity to work at the said company. After their interview, they were offered the position, and they were ecstatic. They began working as soon as the agreed start date and quickly became an integral part of the team. It was a great experience for all involved, and I am thrilled to have had a part in their success.

Q: What qualities or skills do you typically look for when identifying potential candidates to refer to Pariti?

Firstly, I look for candidates with a strong work ethic and a passion for the industry. Secondly, I pay attention to their experience and qualifications. Thirdly, I look for good communication and teamwork skills, as well as the ability to problem-solve and think creatively. Lastly, I search for a good cultural fit -someone who shows the potential to fit well for each job opportunity. Combining these qualities and skillsets, I am able to identify potential candidates who can add value to the team and contribute to the company's growth and success.

Q: How do you approach reaching out to potential candidates and convincing them to consider opportunities through Pariti?

I always try to understand their current situation and their long-term career goals to determine if a position they are being referred for would be a good fit. When reaching out, I typically start by sharing information about the open position and its innovative culture and mission. I emphasize the benefits of joining the team and how it can help them grow professionally and further their career. Next, I follow up with specifics about the job duties, describing the skills and attributes that would make the candidate successful in the role. Ultimately, my goal is to personalize the communication and leave the candidate clear about what opportunities joining each particular company can bring them.

Q: In your experience, what are the key benefits for candidates who join Pariti through a referral compared to other hiring channels?

A referral can give the candidate a foot in the door, bypassing the competitive traditional job application process. The referrer understands the candidate's professional strengths and weaknesses, so making recommendations based on these can result in better-matched skillsets, and more substantial qualifications that align with the hiring manager's needs.

Q: What challenges have you encountered while referring candidates?

A common issue arises when a candidate's interests or expectations don't align with the company's needs. However, I've learned to overcome this by conducting thorough research to understand the position and the responsibilities it entails. This helps me identify potential candidates who have the qualifications and experience the hiring manager is looking for.

Q: How do you stay updated on the job market and industry trends to ensure you're referring candidates who are a good fit for opportunities on Pariti Talent?

Staying current with the evolving market is crucial. I do this by attending industry conferences and events, subscribing to industry publications, maintaining a strong professional network, and regularly communicating with the Pariti team.

Q: Could you share your strategies for making successful referrals?

Of course! A few key strategies have greatly contributed to my successful referrals at Pariti. First and foremost, understanding the Pariti team's needs and the unique cultures of the hiring companies has been vital. I also spend time getting to know each candidate, their career trajectory, and their motivations. This personalized approach ensures the best fit for both the candidate and the hiring company.

Another important practice is being upfront about the role, its challenges, and the necessary skills. And lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of professional communication and timely follow-ups. By blending all these strategies, I’ve managed to make effective referrals that have been well received by both candidates and hiring companies.

Pariti provides ample support to referrers. From a user-friendly referral platform and detailed job descriptions to ongoing communication and incentives for successful referrals, Pariti invests in its referral program, ensuring the referrer has all the tools needed for successful referrals. - Maureen Muzondo

Q: What sets Pariti apart from other talent networks, in your opinion?

Pariti stands out due to its innovative recruitment approach, prioritization of candidate experience, and a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work culture. Its referral network plays a vital role in this differentiation, helping to bridge the gap between the recruiting team and the talent pool.

Q: How has being a referrer in the Pariti Talent Network benefited you?

Being a referrer has offered me numerous personal and professional benefits. Besides the opportunity to connect high-quality candidates with a dynamic organization, it's also allowed me to build meaningful professional relationships and gain visibility and credibility in my field.

Q: What advice would you give to individuals who are considering becoming referrers in the Pariti talent network?

My advice is to seize the opportunity. Not only will you have the chance to help someone land their dream job, but you'll also learn more about the job market, stay updated with current trends, and earn rewards and incentives for your efforts. Becoming a referrer is a chance to make a difference, connect with other professional communities, and be a part of a transformative work environment.

The referrer's role in our talent network is crucial and deeply valued. If you'd like to join the network, start here