Pariti Talent
December 8, 2022

Building the investment team for Raise in 3 weeks

Nkechi Oguchi

Industry: Saas

Number of Employees: 20

Raise is a SaaS platform for African startups and their shareholders to track their ownership share across employees, investors, and founders. Raise provides digital solutions and products that enable companies to raise money smoothly and for investors and employees to back the best startups to support Africa’s growth.

Raise was backed by 500 Startups and set their sights on scaling up operations. A part of the plan to do this was to hire quality talent quickly. Raise engaged a variety of talent acquisition partners. They also contacted Pariti talent to source an ideal candidate for their investment practice. Finding the right people can be tasking. It demands resources to carry out and can place a strain on the company while trying to find the right candidate. Pariti understands this, so we collaborate closely with our clients to manage the process to ensure speed and efficiency.

Pariti helped Raise clarify the JD and began curating ideal candidates scouted by the Pariti professional network. This network leverages a referral system that gives us access to high-quality candidates. We have over 1,700 professionals in this network with a diversity of backgrounds ranging from CEOs, CPOs, developers, heads of talent, and more. They are better able to identify the right candidate from their network.

After the initial interviews, only Pariti candidates remained in the funnel! This is a testament to the quality of candidates we source. Pariti further coordinated the hiring process and provided support through interview scheduling and test issuance.

We ensure only the highest caliber of candidates are sourced and shortlisted! Here’s the feedback we got from the Raise hiring team:

''The services were wonderful! The Pariti team has been attentive to our recruitment needs and understood the ideal talent profile that we were looking for. They were very responsive and the coordination with recruits was seamless. I highly recommend the talent search services at Pariti.”

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