Senior Full Stack Developer

Pariti (backed by 500 Startups) is looking for a passionate and experienced developer to join the team. This is a remote position with equity and competitive compensation at a growing startup

Are you...

  • Interested in working at a successful, funded start-up where every team member can make a huge contribution?
  • Excited to work on greenfield projects with responsibility and independence?
  • Gifted with a strong desire to write beautiful code?
  • Are you a self-starter and are comfortable with remote work?

Why we need you

Startups face tough decisions every day about how to allocate scarce talent and capital. Pariti is exploring ways to help them solve these problems using technology.

Some of the problem spaces we are entering include:

  • Processing high volumes of qualitative and quantitative data about startups, and presentingthis complexity in a manageable form
  • Creating interfaces that enable users to navigate high volumes of data efficiently
  • Managing distributed talent all over the world, maintaining visibility and quality control

We've got foundational tools in place, but this is still an early-stage startup role. You would be joining in time to influence every part of our architecture as we go forward. We also want you to contribute to our collaborative and fun company atmosphere.

Being a small team, we have a lot of freedom to choose how, where and when we work. The "typical day" is therefore not so typical. Instead, we maintain a focus on making our users happy, whatever form that takes. We spend nearly all our time coding and discussing code, with very little time in meetings. If you have a great idea for a feature, you will have no trouble getting it built. If you find a great library, framework or other technology, we want to hear about it and whether it can work for us.

Skills & Requirements

  • Our current stack is based on Angular 9, talking to a GraphQL API built on Django. Familiaritywith these tools would be a big advantage
  • More important is your ability to demonstrate a track record of building great products for the web and/or mobile.
  • Deep Python knowledge is essential to enable you to create maintainable and extensible applications.
  • A strong appreciation of good user experience is essential, along with the ability to implement smart and attractive user interfaces
  • Appreciation of how to communicate complex data to users
  • Excitement about understanding real world problems and fixing them with technology
  • We are also looking for someone who loves the idea of being a big part of a small team.

To apply, please send a resume to