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Build your company, raise capital, or even hire top talent. Pariti is a marketplace for the African ecosystem’s most ambitious people.
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Use our platform to power your fund - streamline your deal flow, get access to vetted, investment-ready startups, and work with global experts to make your fund more efficient.
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We provide flexible solutions to support investors, entrepreneurs and experts
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Pariti Ventures connect high quality startups with global investors.

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Pariti Talent Marketplace removes hiring friction, to match opportunities with top-quality vetted talent

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A unified platform
Our fully-integrated suite of products and services help create thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Stop the guess work. Save time.

We provide you with these scores so that you can focus on the investment opportunities that actually matter.

Our scoring engine combines quantitative data points and qualitative expert reviews on companies to determine benchmarks, investment potential & fit.

Don't waste time with data entry

Forget about updating CRMs and traditional deal flow management tools.

We centralize deal information and vet every piece of data related to companies allowing you to manage your deal from wherever you are with one-click.

Work with top talent with one-click

Our invite-only platform contains vetted global execution experts all around the world to support startups and investors which are all accessible through our platform. We remove the burden of searching, negotiating, scoping by matching you with the most appropriate expert in seconds. Some of our services are:


Market Research

Product Strategy

Fundraising Prep


Industry Research

Due Diligence

Portfolio Support

Democratizing fundraising with talent

Global experts first review your company and materials against hundreds of criteria to benchmark your pitch. 

Then we pair you with a fundraising team of global experts to help you raise capital.

Best part – being founders ourselves, we have a success-fee driven business model keeping cash payments upfront to a minimum

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Connecting opportunities with resources
We are building the foundation for startup ecosystems to thrive not only in markets like Silicon Valley, but everywhere by bringing talent, capital and founders together.
Experts from all around the globe
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“In my experience both fundraising personally, and advising other entrepreneurs of early stage companies to raise capital and successfully go to market. The fundraising process is a black box and borders on short-sighted when it comes to some of the most compelling business ideas that don’t fit the mold. Pariti’s platform brings transparency to an otherwise opaque process, and enables better communication from all side sides. They ensure that the best ideas make their way to market.”
Chris Pantoya
CCO & Head of Strategy, FANchise
“As part of my work with the COVID-19 task force, I was helping early stage innovators refine their pitch decks and narratives. Pariti was a fantastic resource for this – their feedback to those who went through the process was comprehensive and on point. And they are closing a much needed information asymmetry gap in the early stage African startup ecosystem. Can’t believe it’s free!”
Ory Okolloh
Former MD, Omidyar Network
“We are in the midst of a sea change as it relates too investing. The modern investor is looking for more transparency, more accessibility, better user experiences. Platform investing is on the rise to meet this surge in demand and Pariti is well positioned to be the leader of the pack within emerging markets.”
Clayton Bryan
Venture Partner, 500 Startups
“During Y Combinator, Pariti helped us identify our fundraising needs, developed a plan of action and worked diligently to ensure the plan’s success. Pariti exceeded our expectations. They put us in the best position possible to raise capital. We plan to continue to work with them as a long-term partner.”
Chike Achebe
CEO & Co-founder, Mercer Club, (YC W20)