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Independent but still connected...

Pando is the world’s largest, most dense organism ever to exist. It is a large forest that is assumed to have one massive underground root system.

The reason we named the community Pando is because on the surface we may all look separate, but this African tech ecosystem is intricately connected, and for us to thrive we must remember that.

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Andrew Airelobhegbe

Sep 15 2021

Hey everyone! Has anyone heard of any exciting pre-seed/seed agtech and/or supply chain logistics start-ups?

I know of more well-known ones, such as Sokowatch, Twiga, Lori, Kobo360, and Releaf but curious if others have come to mind for people. Feel free to DM me if so

Nimi Nisakpo

Sep 22 2021

Hi, I am about to apply to for Y Combinator and I would need tips on writing successful application.

Andrew Airelobhegbe

Sep 28 2021

Hi All - I will be in Nairobi from this week. I would like to learn directly from founders or CFOs on what their pain points have been with their Kenyan business bank accounts. Please send me a DM. We are launching Lenco banking in Kenya soon with the goal to make business banking easier. Let me know if you would like to get early access.

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Our community philosophy
Give first
Ask yourself “what can I contribute?”. When you give, you also receive. But give first.
Have a Growth Mindset
Seek ways to continue to improve
and get better.
Have a positive sum view
No one has to lose for you to win.
We win together.

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On the surface we may all look separate but this African tech ecosystem isintricately connected and for us to thrive we must remember that.

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